Hard Disk Copy & Disk Image Backup & Bare Metal Disaster Recovery Solutions
for Windows NT,2000/2003 Server, XP, Vista, (Linux) DOS and other hard disk operating systems.

Private, business and industrial solutions!

Nevermore reinstall any computer!
Powercopy is a full system backup solution for all your DOS/WINDOWS/LINUX based PCs or embedded systems in your company. It does not matter if they are new or 20 years old!
Throw away all other tools you know up to know.

Powercopy a ultra fast hard drive recovery solution -  a 100% system disk image backup solution
Copy hard drives, physical backup hard drives , restore disk-images, erase harddrives, move partitions.

Powercopy speed examples even on consumer procucts:

Clone of a windows system in less than 30 seconds using new cluster scan mode.
Exact clone of a 160 GB hard drive sector by sector in less than 40 Minutes.
Restore a Windows XP SP2 system in less than 60 seconds from a DVD, network or an hard disk backup partition.

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Powercopy detailed information

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-- History --
July 2007

Powercopy V4.2 actual version

  • NEW! Version shrink and expand NTFS Partitions during restore or partition copy!
  • NEW! Restore to an existing partition even if the Master Boot Record is protected by a SW or hardware solution. (e.g. MBR Bios protection, Reborn Card support from Signal Computer and other cards).

November 2006
  • NEW Turbo scan mode: Speed! A basic Windows XP backuped in 30 seconds Download Trial
  • NEW and COOL for maintenance old computers! All harddisk copy clone and image features
    can be even done using the special Powercopy parallel cable. The speed is about ~4GB/h.
  • NEW and COOL! Clone a hard drive via Network
    from Computer A to Computer B without the use of an image file!
  • NEW! Hard drive quick formatter:
    Format any disk drive in seconds upto 2000GB FAT32 partition size.
  • NEW! Restore and clone partitions with partition extension:
    NTFS partitions can be expanded in seconds. A FAT partition resizing tool is also included.
  • NEW! Self overwrite protection of target storage media prevents handling errors. Target has to be formatted using Powercopy.
July 2006
New to all Powercopy V3.0 Versions:
All copy features can now be simulated, easy become familiar with Powercopy!
Concurrent creation of a jobfile, easy to use in repetitive backup or restore tasks.
Main functions menu: New user layout for copy, image and restore a hard drive.
ReadCache: Super fast restore of an image file even if it is located on the same disk.

New Version Powercopy Automatic Restore:
Restores up to twice as fast than using Acronis True Image.
Only effective used data of disk will be restored. With automated restore process and NTFS-Partition extend support. A Windows XP-basic-installation can be automated restored in less than 60 seconds.

Powercopy CLONE-KISS New release:
Operating system independent "One Klick Data Backup" solution. Now available as SW-only solution; Easy to install!

Powercopy KISS V2.2Re  
Now available for international customers.
Never a full system backup has become easier and more reliable.
Press a single button to run a full system backup -
Our hard drive CLONE / IMAGE solutions starts at ~20 USD
Powercopy KISS the easiest way to get a full system backup
Enhancements made in Version V2.2Re:
Enhancements at pc.exe on BOOTCD:
Inbuild read cache autodetection now supports highspeed image restore, even if image is located on the same disk. (Half physical possible disk speed)
Enhanced user interface, improved internal help messages.
Bad System Support: On some SATA drives-(ASUS)Mainboards became instable after some seconds. On some other systems a dramatically decrease in speed could be noticed. By changing of some internal structures of the Powercopy Program we could do an workarround to that behaviour, sothat Powercopy now can be run at maximum speed even at such bad systems in combination with SATA drives.
Changes to the Powercopy Boot CDs:
Mouse support is now even available in case of direct booting with the Powercopy Boot CD.
Boot: Boot problems with not supported newer chipsets are eliminated now.
A mouse support can be enabled by pressing ALT+M Key inside the Powercopy KISS- or OPTIONS-menu.
Lan Connection: Actual Network drivers added for 100MBit / 1000GBit cards. Older Network card drivers will be listed by the automatic card detection as second choice. List of supported Network drivers  
NEW! Powercopy V2.2Ra with KISS extension!
Powercopy V2.1 rel m:
Protective shield added. Keep two Windows operating systems parallel installed on one computer on two different hard disks without any conflicts.
Enhanced usage added. Detailed info on partitions. Usage of mouse addded to Windows executable pc32.exe
Direct Partition to Partition copy added
"Wash" function now with enhanced speed.
Enhanced automation features added to Powercopy Professional PLUS. All copy/clear jobs can now be automated!
NOV 2005
Powercopy V2.1:

Worlds most flexible hard disk copy and clone software.
Copy disks, copy partitions, image disks, image partitions.
Copy Images/Partitions via SATA, USB, ATA, IDE, SCSI, FIREWIRE ,NETWORK or the parallel-printer interface.

Easier to use, but different handling to other Software like gh.., acr..., driv.., powerq...: Object oriented handling.
More flexible: Powercopy comes with two 16/32 and 32/64 bit binaries.
Higher speed: Up to two times faster than than acr..., gho...
Permanent local disk imaging including compression with 50MByte/per second(400Mb/s) is easy attainable. See Video
More safety: 100% verify not just simple parity and simple checksum verify
More independent: No problems with locked files.
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We offer you the world fastest (we do not know a faster one) and easiest(five clicks to do) DOS/WIN9x (NT 6/2000) file transfer program via the parallel interface.
An ideal tool for everybody, who has to transfer, backup, update, install and archive files on or between two computers.

Let us invite you to thepower of POWERCOPY.

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